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Sports Specific Conditioning & Personal Training

The fundamental components of skill related fitness are speed, coordination, agility, power and balance. In addition to that definition of general fitness, martial artists, sportsman, women and children of all styles and codes of sport must add the qualities of flexibility, perception, accuracy, timing, endurance and mental conditioning.


Development of these eleven attributes characterizes a balanced training plan for athles of all disciplines.  When you are in good physical condition, learning new skills is easier. If you have to learn and get in shape at the same time, you are working twice as hard as the fit athlete.




Mobile - 077601 89807


Level 1 Athletics Coaching

Level 2 Teaching Aquatics

Level 2 Netball, Hockey

Level 2 Gym

Level 3  Personal Trainer (Reps)

Level 3 Strength & Sports Conditioning

(N.DIP.EX.SC) SA -Diploma in Exercise Science Advanced Personal Trainer/Exercise Specialis

Currently 2nd year BSc Sport, Fitness & Coaching

4th Dan Karate Instructor

Have Done:

Marathon & Untra running

Double Century Cycling



4th Dan Karate Instructor

Great Wall of China 2015





Fitness, Exercise, Sports Conditioning